Thriving People

Our employees are our key assets. SPO continuously invests in ongoing training and staff development. We aim to be an Employer of Choice by treating all people with respect and providing them with good and safe working conditions, equitable remuneration and benefits.

Commitment to Training and Development


SPO recruits, trains and develops its employees for the long term. The company places strong emphasis on lifelong learning and is committed to providing training to our employees, both at sea and ashore. Despite experiencing one of the worst downturns in the global oil and gas industry, our commitment to the training and development of our employees remains steadfast. The company invests in discretionary training, materially above any non-discretionary statutory requirements, to enhance the safety, quality and professionalism of our operations. In 2007, SPO made a significant investment in the Swire Marine Training Centre (SMTC) which is equipped with the most advanced of its kind in the offshore industry and amongs the first of such training facility in Asia.

In 2018, SPO's flagship training centre, Swire Marine Training Centre (SMTC) trained 927 seagoing employees and conducted 143 courses, amassing a total of 23,748 training hours. This bears testament to SPO’s strong commitment to developing our people even during challenging times.

Competence Assurance


In order to ensure that the company’s vessels are manned with dedicated, qualified and proficient seagoing personnel, SPO formed an in-house Competence Assurance Department (CAD) in 2013. CAD helps to identify, monitor and arrange training for SPO’s seafarers. This system ensures that we cover all training needs, with courses delivered either internally or externally depending on requirements. The CAD team is actively involved in the Cadet training process, from recruitment to graduation of the Cadets from college. At present, we have Deck, Engine and Electrical Cadets of various nationalities undergoing training on-board our vessels.

Training is also provided on board SPO’s vessels by our own Training Captains and Cook Trainers, as well as by running regular safety drills. SPO also provides discretionary back-deck training for deck crew at an accredited training centre in the Philippines. In order to improve standards of service quality and to reduce food waste, SPO has three Cook Trainers who visit the vessels across our diverse fleet to provide training and coaching to our Cooks, with a strong emphasis on safe and hygienic practices in the galleys. Our Cook Trainers work closely with our Cooks to enhance their competency levels and culinary skills so as to provide better quality meals to our seagoing employees and our clients. 

In 2015, a 15-day ‘Cooks’ Upgrade Course’ was developed by CAD in partnership with United Marine Training Centre (UMTC) in Manila. The facilities of which were specifically designed and built to deliver this course.