Swire has been in business for more than 200 years. Our business has stood the test of time because we have always looked ahead and made decisions based on long term sustainability. 

The world in which we operate is facing some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time, and we are committed to being a part of the solution. Adopting the SwireTHRIVE strategy, we don’t see our businesses as separate from the world. We recognise that we depend on it, and wish to help shape it positively. So when we build businesses, we seek to build communities. When we employ people, we help them to fulfill their potential. When we use resources, we seek to protect the environments that provide them. 

Because when we help the world in which we operate to thrive, so do we.


We are in an era of rapid environmental change. If our business is to thrive in the long term, we need to play a part in protecting the environment upon which we depend.

The aim of SwireTHRIVE is to mitigate operational risks and build long term resilience by driving higher standards, greater efficiency, and increased innovation in key areas.

The six key areas of SwireTHRIVE are:

  • Carbon
  • Waste 
  • Water 
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Biodiversity 
  • Climate Resilience 

SPO’s SD strategy is aligned with the Swire Group’s sustainability strategy and covers other areas which are material to the company. We have aligned them across three pillars: