Sustainable Development (SD) Governance

SPO has a dedicated Sustainable Development (SD) team that oversees the SD portfolio. The General Manager of SD reports to the Managing Director of SPO, with the Executive Committee having operational responsibility for economic, operational, health and safety, social and environmental performance within SPO.
SPO continues to pursue the long-term goal of minimising negative environmental impact and supporting communities in which we operate. We believe that adopting best practices in these areas is good for the general public and for enlightened self-interest.
SPO has the necessary governance systems in place to manage economic, environmental and social aspects of our business. We work closely with the Swire Group’s SD Office in Hong Kong and the Group Risk Management Committee to ensure that a comprehensive and rigorous approach is maintained when considering all aspects of sustainability. SPO takes a proactive approach in managing SD risks and takes advantage of the opportunities which will make our business fit for the future.
We actively seek to work with suppliers who not only comply with laws and regulations, but go beyond by setting standards that are expected of an industry leader. We also have a strong preference to work with suppliers who share our commitment to honesty and integrity, and who seek to integrate principles of SD into all areas of their business.

List of SD-related policies: