Swire Marine Training Centre (SMTC) 

"In a more competitive and globalised world, quality manpower is a crucial competitive advantage. This facility bears testament to SPO's commitment to high-quality training. The Swire Marine Training Centre (SMTC) adds a new dimension to the maritime training landscape in Singapore by offering specialised and sophisticated offshore training capabilities." 

 - Guest of Honour, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Minister of State for Finance & Transport of Singapore, 2008

The Swire Marine Training Centre (SMTC) is SPO’s flagship training centre located in Singapore. This dedicated marine and offshore training centre was launched in June 2007 with the mandate to train SPO’s seafarers to the highest standards of safety and operational excellence. 

SMTC is one of the most advanced of its kind in the offshore industry. It provides a focal point in sea staff development within the company by providing a uniform experience of offshore operations. SMTC is strategically located in Singapore to enhance interaction and communication between SPO’s seafarers and the management team in SPO’s Head office there.

Over the years, SMTC has hosted numerous visits and guided tours for government representatives, industry partners and students as part of our ongoing efforts to share our expertise. The training centre has traditionally been solely used for training SPO’s seafarers. In 2017, SPO decided to make the facilities and courses at SMTC accessible to industry, thereby making its training accessible to a larger community of seafarers and collectively raising the standards of seafarers in the industry.

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SMTC introductory video.

Training for the future 

SPO recognises that human resource development is critical to sustaining quality service. With the use of bespoke simulators, SMTC’s facilities have the ability to fully simulate the working environment of SPO’s diverse range of vessel classes and types of offshore support vessels in a safe and well-managed setting. SMTC has a team of highly qualified trainers, who have sailed on board SPO’s vessels and also possess extensive years of working experience in the marine and offshore industry. 

This world class training centre provides ongoing professional development for SPO’s seafarers, with the use of both classroom and simulator courses. All SPO sea-going employees will attend courses at SMTC for a minimum of five days of discretionary, non-statutory training at least once every four years. 

The courses provide training in Safety Management, Anchor-Handling (from basic level to advanced skills required for working in deeper water), Dynamic Positioning (DP) (both operations and system maintenance), Ship-Handling, Electrical & Control Systems Engineering and Engine Room Operations. These courses are designed to address the learning needs of both junior and senior officers.

SMTC is accredited by the Nautical Institute (UK) to conduct DP courses in accordance with their DP training programme and Oil Spill Response courses. SMTC also conducts approved Marlins English language testing accredited by the MCA UK. In 2018, SMTC trained 927 seagoing employees and conducted 143 courses, amassing a total training of 23,748 hours. 

Training for the future 

As a leading provider of offshore services to global oil majors, SPO places strong emphasis on superior marine skills and strives to enhance the expertise and knowledge of our seafarers through ongoing training programmes. The training centre has allowed SPO to make the necessary significant advances in staff training and complemented traditional “on-the-job” training methods. 

Training facilities for rent

As part of the company’s efforts to make SMTC accessible as a centre of excellence to industry partners, selected courses are made accessible industry partners and facilities are available for rental. To view SMTC's rental facilities, please click here.