Business Excellence 

SPO has embarked on an Improvement Journey to Excellence since January 2014. This marks the company's long term commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence. The improvement journey aims to bring about incremental changes in every aspect of the business, from its fleet to shore-based offices.

Business Excellence (BE) studies, plans, develop and integrate business processes across the organisation to meet evolving business needs. It works to ensure that business outcomes are aligned with the organisation’s strategic goals. It has a strong focus on viewing processes end-to-end ensuring continuous improvement, efficiency and simplifications are being introduced into all process streams. It constantly collaborates with SPO’s senior leaders to identify and prioritise improvement opportunities, innovate ideas and facilitate development of solutions so that the right opportunity is addressed to create significant benefit for SPO’s people and the business.  

SPO employees attending the improvement training teambuilding session and certification award presentation.

The function is also involved in developing a framework for centre of excellence through compliance and corporate governance which is focused on using best practices as a guide to continuously improve the way SPO directs itself and the way it operates its business. SPO's improved Corporate Governance essentially involves balancing the interests of the company's many stakeholders, including shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community. It encompasses practically every sphere of management, from action plans, internal controls, and performance management to enforcement of compliance to ensure the business is fit for future.

Participants at the continuous improvement training where they learn more about the importance of measuring and identifying variations.

To achieve this, SPO provides internal training to all its employees on best practice methodologies, namely, standards established by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Lean Six Sigma. These training programmes aim to enable our employees to deliver projects and work on improvements in an organised and structured manner.

Participants immersed in the greenbelt training where they are exposed to innovative training methods.

Throughout the training and project delivery phase the Business Excellence team provides consistent coaching and support on all areas, i.e. project management, the appropriate use of Lean Six Sigma and Quality tools and methods for successful project completion. A structured governance process is put in place so that employees working on improvement projects and initiatives can provide updates on their project status and progress. 

SPO employees at the continuous improvement training conducted at ASSM Manila.