10 simple things that make seafarers happy: SPO edition

Seafarers dedicate themselves to a life at sea and often have to spend long periods of the time away from their loved ones. Years ago, Marine Insights did an online feature, 10 Simple Things that make seafarers happy on board ships and the feature gave interesting insights about what keeps seafarers’ spirits high.

SPO has more than 2,000 seafarers in our workforce who come from different countries including Fiji, Myanmar, Philippines, Russia, Roland, South Africa, United Kingdom and many others. We care about our seafarers’ well-being and we decided to do a SPO’s edition to find out more what are the 10 simple things that keep our seafarers happy. Special thanks to our seafarers who have shared these with us.

1. Good leadership

Good-Leadership-Morale-of-the-Crew-(2).JPGThird Engineer, Randolph Jumag, shared that having good leadership on board makes him happy. Having a good Captain, Chief Engineer and Senior Officers can really boost the morale of the crew and Randolph enjoys having a team of happy crew to work with.










2. Travelling

For Fourth Engineer, Patrick Drilon, being able to travel and explore different countries as part of his job is what makes him happy as a seafarer.

3. Seeing wildlife

For Second Officer, Jesse Goodman, seeing wildlife makes him happy whenever he is out at sea. He has seen many different types of birds while sailing and has even spotted dolphins, whales and penguins!

4. Receiving the crew change email

One of our Captains once said that receiving the crew change email from the Crewing Manager makes him happy as it means that the next batch of crew has been confirmed and he would be one step closer to going home.

5. Arriving in port

Nothing beats standing on solid ground when you have spent days and weeks at work bobbing at sea. For Electrical Officer, Allan Quinney, the day when the ship arrives in port is what makes his day.

6. Internet

Internet.JPGThird Officer, Jake Castillo, and Chief Officer, Piotr Rosinski, are happy when they have internet access on board. This means that they can keep in touch with their family and stay connected with the rest of the world even though they are far away from home.








7. No major technical issues

To Chief Engineer, Henry Macayran, having no major technical issues on board is the key that brings a smile to his face. He said, “I am happy as long as there are no major technical issues and the vessel can continue its operations smoothly and safely.”

8. Long leave

Brenton-Evans-2nd-Officer_Leave-(1).JPGSecond Officer, Brenton Evans, enjoys the long leave that a seafarer is entitled to and often brings his family in their four-wheel drive to the nearby beaches when he is on leave.








9. Passion for the job

3rd-Engineer_Vicente-Echica_passion-to-do-my-job_with-wife.JPGThird Engineer, Vicente Echia, has always wanted to become a seafarer since high school as he sees it as a good and adventurous career that offers great remuneration and the opportunity to visit many countries. The passion for the job makes him happy and he is even happier to proudly share that both his sons have followed his footsteps and are pursuing maritime careers.


10. Teamwork

CE-Suppathorn_Good-teamwork1-(2).jpgFor Chief Engineer, Suppathorn Sopponit, having good teamwork makes him happy. A vessel’s crew often comprises people from different nationalities and ethnicities and it is important that everyone works together harmoniously to ensure the smooth operations on board.